Sunday School

Children up to the age of 20 are welcome in our Sunday School. Topics discussed include the 10 Commandments, The Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, and the Sermon on the Mount.

What’s Sunday School all about?

It’s about discovering about how spirituality is relevant to your life – how it fits into each day, and shows up in everything you love to do.


It’s an environment where you feel totally supported. You can ask the hardest questions as you are figuring out how to apply spiritual truths to your own experiences.


It’s a chance to talk with other kids under the age of 20 and together look for meaningful answers to the stuff that comes up in your lives.


What’s taught in Sunday School?

Each Sunday School class is designed to meet your needs as a student.  All of the classes are based on the Bible, and you’ll use Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures to help you dive deeper.

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